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9ers Grill

After waiting for over a year for them to open, I was able to go on their first day of business.  Walking in you are greeted by a staff member who explains the process, “it is like Portillo’s where you order at the counter but we bring the food out to you” and the menu. From there you proceed down the steps to the counter to order. The menu is huge and is posted on the wall behind the registers and on the menu you are handed as you enter.

I order the “Big Burger”, 9 ozs of meat on a huge bun with fries. I also opted for some bacon but no cheese. Drinks are filled behind the counter. Once you find a seat and place your number on the stand, you sit and wait. It didn;t seem to take too long to get my food so that was good. Make sure you pick up ketchup and silverware before you go sit down because you are going to need to cut the burger in half (at least).

The burger was tasty but huge. 9 ozs of meat squashed into a 5-6 inch disc on a bun that is just as big. Lettuce was fresh but the tomatoes were poorly sliced and inedible. The fries are steakhouse style, large pieces of sliced potato that, to me, were undercooked and tasteless.

Total  cost for the burger, fries and a cup of water was around $10.

About ten days later I decided to go back and try them again. I ordered the same burger but with tater tots this time. Unfortunately, this time the burger was over cooked and almost tasteless. There was no seasoning on it and I couldn’t eat more than a few bites. It just didn’t taste good. The tater tots were good, though. They serve enough for a family of four however so be aware of that. It seems everything is “Texas-sized” which might go over well in Texas but in Montgomery, I think it is just too much food. Compared to other restaurants in the area, they are seriously over-compensating there.

I will be going back to try some of their other options like the steaks or cajun poboy or their catfish and shrimp platter.  I just won’t be doing their burger again anytime soon.