River View Cafe

Take a ride down to the river in Montgomery, along Route 25 and you will find a replacement for the long closed Omega Restaurant that was on Rt 59. With a menu that spans more than ten pages of items from breakfast (served all day), lunch and dinner, you will find something for everyone at any time of the day.

If you like eggs, there are two pages of omelettes and skillets that are sure to satisfy your appetite. Pancakes, crepes and french toast? You can choose from over a half dozen of each. There are pages of different sandwiches, salads, burgers which make it hard to choose what to eat for lunch or dinner. And that still doesn’t include the Italian, Chinese, seafood, Mexican, Greek dishes that are also available.

Also, don’t miss the desserts. Their cream pies (chocolate, coconut, lemon, blueberry, butterscotch and more are amazing and they are only $2.75 a slice.

This place is the go to place when you don’t know what you want to eat because with so many options will easily find something to satisfy your appetite at very reasonable prices.



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