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Heaven on Seven

Located on Main Street in downtown Naperville, Heaven On Seven, is a little slice of New Orleans complete with everything cajun and spicy. From the decor to the food you are transported to ‘nawlins when you walk in the door.

The things that we like the most are their gumbo which is talked about everywhere including on the back of the servers shirts. You have to get a cup or bowl or you are just doing yourself a disservice.  They also have an appetizer called Bayou Jalapeno Corn Blasters with Honey Jalapeno Dressing that are worth getting and sharing. They are addictive just like the gumbo

Try their po boy sandwiches, catfish is our favorite but they also have shrimp or friend chicken or crawfish and more.  Their Red Beans and Rice is a ‘nawlins staple and they do it right here.

Did I mention their crab cakes? If not, I am sorry, but you have to get these at least once. Served with the same Honey Jalapeno Dressing as the Bayou Jalapeno Corn Blasters they are to die for. No one makes a better crab cake in the area.

And if you like hot sauces, make sure to check out the wall of them. At last count, I think there were 1,800 or more unique bottles. They even put 8 to 10 bottles on your table for you to use. If you want something hot, order their Hot as a Mutha Habanero Chile Stuffed with Jalapeno Chihuahua Cheese, Peach

If you want something hot, order their Hot as a Mutha Habanero Chile Stuffed with Jalapeno Chihuahua Cheese, Peach Puree and Peach Salsa.

If however, you like your food really hot and I do mean REALLY HOT, ask them about the next Hot as a Mutha! dinner. Seven courses that get progressively hotter for $50. Featuring seven tonsil-searing courses plus one cocktail, this dinner is not for wimps, sissies or cry-babies!

To give you an idea of what you might be in for, the menu for the last Hot as a Mutha! was:

  • Thai Peanut Chicken Wings with Caramelized Pineapple Sauce
  • Pozole Rojo with Crunchy Garnishes
  • Chicken Tinga Tostada with Refried Black Beans
  • Nashville Hot Fried Chicken Sliders with Housemade Pickles
    Hot as a Mutha Sausage Wild Boar, Peach Scorpion and Grilled Peaches
    Sichuan Braised Pork Cheeks over Cilantro Rice
  • Chocolate Banana Icebox Cake if you dare!

If you are in the area, you owe it to yourself to stop in for brunch, lunch or dinner and make sure you don’t forget to pick up your beads on the way out.