This is the place to go in Naperville if you love sushi and expect to eat more than 2 or 3 rolls. For less than $20 ($15 at lunch) you can eat as much as you want (AYCE) from a menu of over 30 items. Yes, you can go to the other places in town and spend $100 if that is more to your liking, or you are trying to impress someone but for my money, I would rather spend a little and get a lot. I have not seen any other establishment in the area that has anything that Sakura doesn’t and if you find that they don’t have something on the menu, ask and I am sure they will try to accommodate you if they can.

From soup to salad to edamame and tempura vegetables to over 20 different types of Nigiri and at least as many rolls. Simply write down the number of pieces you want and hand the list to the wait-staff.  Within a few minutes you will be presented with a beautifully prepared tray or boat, depending on how much you ordered, loaded with all the items you selected.

Now, if you are not into raw fish, they also have a full menu of cooked items. I have to admit I have not even looked at this menu however my wife really enjoys their Teriyaki Salmon. The menu items are not included in the AYCE price.

Saki and beer are also available from the bar.

Also, make sure to get their frequent diner punch card.

They are located behind the shopping plaza at Iroquois and Ogden Ave.  Their website is


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